Impressive fortress in Hârşova city

For half millenia (2rd - 7th century), Carsium was one of the important fortresses of Moesia Inferior, a military and economic well developed center.

This castrum was erected by the soldiers of the Roman Empire, most probably over the ancient walls of a fortification of Getic origin. In year 103 A.D., between the two wars against Decebal’s Dacia, Emperor Trajan ordered the construction of this castrum on the bank of the river. Proof was found in the form of an inscription that mentions the fortification works of Carsium, under the supervision of a high ranking praetorian, Fabius Postuminus. Work was done by the soldiers of „Alla II Hispanorum et Aravacorum”. After the construction was completed, the “Alla Gallorum Flaviana” legion was the first to move in. Through the centuries, several roman legions had their base here (Legio I Italica, Legio I Scytica) and also an istrian fleet (Classis Flavia Moesica).

Roman emperors such as Trajan, considered this fortress a very important strategic location with the mission of protecting the Danube crossing. The castrum was attacked several times by nomadic tribes and even completely destroyed. It was rebuilt two times: during the reign of Constantin the Great (first half of the 4th century) and Iustinan (6th century).

The impressive ruins and walls visible from the Danube that we admire today are from medieval times. Although generally accepted as “castrum”, the ancient fortress is still buried under the medieval settlement. There are some parts of the ancient fortress that were unearthed, such as the northern gate from the roman-byzantine era(from the 3rd and the 4th century) and the two towers that flanked it.

In Harsova city there are still many sites from the Roman period being discovered, so although difficult, the reconstruction of the entire story of the ancient fortification is still work in progress. The more interest and time invested, the greater the chances of discovering all the secrets of the Carsium

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