A natural bastion on the banks of Danube

Capidava was one of the fortresses founded on the frontier of the Danube by emperor Trajan, at the beginning of the 2rd century A.D. Its name roughly means the “Fortress at Bend”, because here the Danube is curved and also had a crossing. Until the Roman presence, there probably was a Getic settlement but it was the Romans that turned it into a powerful “castrum” of great strategic importance.

Capidava had a history of almost half a millenia as both a military fortress and a flourishing economic city and port. In the 6th century A.D., it was attacked by the Kutrigurs nomads (year 559), suffered great destruction and was ultimately abandoned.

In the 10th century, Capidava was reinhabited under the rule of the Byzantine Empire but for only 50 years. It was abandoned again after a violent attack by the nomadic Pechenegs in 1036.

Its geographical position was also important due to the fact that it had natural defenses and was very hard to be conquered.

During its existence, Capidava was home to many military units and garrisons that were protecting the area.

Both inside and outside its walls, many archeological artifacts were unearthed. Inscriptions and monuments were proof of Capidava’s dwellers as being important families, roman army veterans and citizens with administrative positions.

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  • Autostrada A2 dinspre Bucureşti până la Cernavodă, apoi DJ223 din Cernavodă până la Capidava
  • Dinspre Galaţi DN2A, apoi DJ23 Hanul Morilor – Tichilești – Topalu până la Capidava
  • Dinspre Aeroport Mihail Kogălniceanu - DN2A până la Hanul Morilor, apoi DJ223 până la Capidava
  • Dinspre Constanţa A2 sau DN3 până la Cernavodă, apoi DJ223 până la Capidava
Cazare în apropiere
  • Complex Domneasca - Seimeni
  • Hotel Almar Năvodari
  • Hotel Hollywood - Cernavodă
  • Hotel Daria - Cernavodă
Restaurante în apropiere
  • Complex Domneasca - Seimeni
  • Crama Darie - Topalu
  • Crama Rasova - Cernavodă
Muzee în apropiere
  • Biserica îngropată Istria
Localități în apropiere
  • Cernavodă
  • Topalu
  • Hârșova
  • Medgidia
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