A flourishing polis in southern Dobrogea

Callatis was founded by the Dorians from Heracleea Pontica (a fortress in the south of the Black Sea) in the 4th century B.C. It was NOT founded in the 6th century B.C. as it was known during the communist regime. All the archeological artifacts confirm the 4th century B.C. as the correct century. Callatis colony was created, most likely, during the rule of king Amynthas III of Macedon, the grandfather of the famous Alexander the Great. It was a powerful port city in the Hellenistic period, minted its own coins, and it had a commercial center that was connected to the great cities of the Greek civilization.

Nowadays, in the city of Mangalia, you can visit the famous papyrus tomb (the only papyrus ever found in Romania and one of the very few in Europe). The tomb belonged to a high ranked individual or a scholar who lived in the Hellenistic period, in the 3rd century B.C. Also, the famous ancient Tanagra statues are refined artistic expressions that tell the story of a blooming city.

Callatis had wonderful temples dedicated to Olympian Gods, beautiful and well-kept public and private buildings. The city gave the world great cultural personalities: writers such as historian and geographer Demetrios from Callatis, biographer Satyros Peripateticul, Istros and Heraclid Lambos, the latter being the author of a universal “History” in 37 volumes.

Callatis continued to be an important port of the province in the Roman and in the Roman Byzantine times and many relics and artifacts can be admired in the Callatis Archeology Museum.

Nowadays, scattered through the modern buildings of Mangalia, the ruins of the ancient city continue to amaze the visitors, evoking the great ancient times.

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  • Autostrada A2 dinspre Bucuresti până la Agigea, apoi DN39 până la Mangalia
  • Dinspre Galati DN2A până la Constanța, apoi DN39 până la Mangalia
  • Dinspre Aeroport Mihail Kogalniceanu - DN2A până la Constanța, apoi DN39 până la Mangalia
  • Dinspre Constanta DN39 până la Mangalia
Cazare în apropiere
  • Hotel New Belvedere
  • MSR Port Hotel
  • Mera Brise
  • Hotel Paradiso
Restaurante în apropiere
  • Restaurant Callatis
  • Restaurant Bistro Marinas
  • Terasa Belvedere
  • Restaurant Lebăda
  • Restaurant Puiu
  • Restaurant La Pirați
Muzee în apropiere
  • Muzeul de Istorie Callatis
  • Muzeul Marinei Mangalia
  • Edificiul Bizantin
Localități în apropiere
  • Limanu
  • Neptun
  • Olimp
  • 23 August
  • Negru Vodă
  • Vama Veche
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