Tropaeum Traiani and a great fortress

The Fortress Tropaeum Traiani (Trajan’s Trophy) was erected most probably in year 106, over an ancient Getic settlement. The location was not chosen randomly because it was there during the winter of year 101/102, the roman army of Emperor Trajan had a great victory against a coalition of so-called barbaric tribes, led by Decebal, the king of Dacia. To honor the loss of over 4000 soldiers by the Roman army, Trajan built Tropaeum Traiani. Its modern reconstruction can be admired today on a hill situated 2km away from the fortress.

The name of the fortress is known from an inscription dating from 116 A.D. which says that the inhabitants of the fortress were called “trainenses tropaeenses”.

The fortress was quickly developed, and in 170 A.D., during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, it already had the status of municipium, a status that only important social, economic and military cities had.

The fortress was at the crossroads of several strategic routes, one of them linking the Danube and the Black Sea and another between the south of Moesia Inferior province and the northern fortresses such as Troesmis and Noviodunum.

The city flourished but also went through troubling times, being destroyed and rebuilt several times. One of these reconstructions was during the reign of Emperor Constantin and Licinus, proven by an inscription from 316 A.D. that states that the fortress was rebuilt from the ground up.

The fortress was about 10 - 12 ha, had 22 defense towers and four gates, placed on each of the cardinal directions. The settlement was crossed by two main roads, one of which was called Via Principalis and used to link the East Gate to the West Gate.

Up to now, many structures were dug up, a few early christian basilicas and the impressive Basilica Forensis that was used as an administrative building.

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